Fall to Winter- Fashion Transition

Fall to Winter- Fashion Transition
Because RiiN is a southern California based company, we here are lucky enough to really have an “endless summer”. It is widely accepted all over Orange County to still be rockin’ the no-shirt, no-shoes look in September and even October, but during the winter season it is a bit harder to pull off the beach rat look. This blog piece is targeted to those of you who are trying to figure out how to wear “summer” clothes in the mid sixty temps. This is going to be a guide that will allow you to hold on to your precious summer 17’ looks, while still keeping warm in transition to the colder months.
Look 1: Boardies in the winter say whaaat?
(pictured: LOGO HAT- black, MERLOT boardies)        (pictured: LOGO HAT- black, LOGO LONG)
Get away with wearing swimwear as long as you want by incorporating darker colors, heavy jackets and long sleeve tee’s. No one will even think twice about a dude sporting trunks out in the real world.
Look 2: For all you smarty pants out there
This outfit is great for casual office attire, school wear, or even a day off. These cool tones give off a summer vibe, while also keeping you warm enough for those fluctuating California temperatures. Throw on some glasses to look more professional than you already are and you are good to go.
 (pictured: JANE tee)
Look 3: Fireside gear         
            (pictured: LOGO HAT- tan, QUARTER DECK)      (pictured: JANE tee)
Although our boardies are a hot commodity, we make many items durable enough for any season. Both of these shirts are great for year round wear because they can be worn with light, summer outfits, or heavy duty winter looks. Here are two outfits that use both casual and dressy RiiN tops and can be sported in the colder winter months. All of RiiN’s apparel is designed to fit every kind of weather forecast. It is all about what you pair it with.