RiiN launched May, 2016 when ocean advocate and artist, Dylan Trumbull, felt it was time to lift the “Brain Fog” from a critical brain surgery that required the removal of an invasive tumor at the end of 2014. RiiN started out as a project that served as a recovery tool, and has evolved to what it is today. Despite the balance of recovery and bringing vision to life, Dylan stayed true to persistence in getting through the roller-coaster ride. Using his passion and love for the ocean, Dylan contributes his entirety to creating RiiN as a direct extension of himself.

We ask you to join our RiiN family! The two i’s in RiiN represent community, an indicator that there is no “i” in a team.

RiiN isn’t just another board short company, but rather takes an approach to being mindful in a way to make sustainability fashionable. All boardies and RiiN product incorporate a piece of recycled sail in a unique way. Each sail has its own story, and as a member of our RiiN family, you become a part of this story.

Learn more about the history of the sail product we reuse: 
Sails staying out of the land fill right now.
Boat: Cal 20. ‘Streaker’
The Cal20 was purchased in 1977. It was purchased used . and is now in the hand of a new family. The boat was built in 1972. When in the new hands of the new owners it sailed local day sails. 
Boat: Lido 14 Sail.
The Lido 14 was bought in 1998. It was used and is now in the hands of a new family.
About: Sailed back in the day around Newport Harbor. 
Boat: Cal 27
About: Last voyage before I pick it up sailed it down to central America.