Rhymes with fin- inspired from ma-RiiN-e, a product of the sea. For the sun-seekers, swell explorers, spirited enthusiasts, and passionate adventurers. For those who are invested in community and associate themselves with the ocean. 

Designed and created in Southern California, sewn for limited production, a piece of a sail is incorporated with our product to reflect our values of sustainability.
Dedicated to quality detail, influenced from vintage patterns.
RiiN boardies embody ultimate versatility and comfort while soaking up those cosmic rays whether on land or sea.


RiiN launched May, 2016 when ocean advocate and artist, Dylan Trumbull, felt it was time to lift the “Brain Fog” from a critical brain surgery that required the removal of an invasive tumor at the end of 2014. RiiN started out as a project that served as a recovery tool, and has evolved to what it is today. Despite the balance of recovery and bringing vision to life, Dylan stayed true to persistence in getting through the roller-coaster ride. Using his passion and love for the ocean, Dylan contributes his entirety to creating RiiN as a direct extension of himself. 

We ask you to join our RiiN family! The two i’s in RiiN represent community, an indicator that there is no “i” in a team.

RiiN isn’t just another board short company, but rather takes an approach to being mindful in a way to make sustainability fashionable. All boardies and RiiN product incorporate a piece of recycled sail in a unique way. Each sail has its own story, and as a member of our RiiN family, you become a part of this story.

Keeping sails out of landfills and under the cosmic rays.