“The end of one chapter is just the beginning of another. Read on…..” -Susan Gale

Right now we will be saying goodbye to RiiN as we currently know it. If you talk to me or know me I am extremely passionate and love RiiN! RiiN is who I am. However I need to remind myself, no one will ever be able to take away my good RiiN journey. This was one reason that seemed to keep me from closing this door.
The fear of losing the journey.
From 2016-Now, RiiN represents sooooooooo much of “Dylan’s” journey! The “Dylan” that started this for many reasons was a very, very different person at the time. RiiN is one of the reasons that helped make me who I am today. RiiN in a way was my post surgery therapy and I loved it.
I have fought so much for RiiN since 2016. I never wanted to let it go but sometimes you need to know when to walk away and to move on to other great new opportunities.
I am learning how important the “why” is and I am asking myself what is the “Why” for this message?? To seriously thank everyone. That is my “Why” I couldn’t even start to thank every single person who has helped me along this journey since 2016 cause the list is massive. But to my parents and sister I will shout you out cause you have put up and supported way more than all.
Thank you everyone!

Creativity does not ever run out. There absolutely will be something next. I am never done. Onward and upward friends!!!

-Dylan Trumbull

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